How to Utilize Your Winter Break to Improve College Admission Chances

Winter recess is starting in a few days. As this year is coming to an end, do you want to make sure that society is at a better place than yesterday? But can High-schoolers create a substantial impact? Where can one start with community service online?

We all know that top US colleges give a lot of emphasis on extracurricular activities including community service. In one of our previous articles, we also discussed the importance of volunteering and community work on college admissions, employment, and immigration in Canada.

We know that these are the questions that create dilemmas in many socially charged high-school students. TribesforGOOD came together as an organization in 2018 to solve this question – How to make young citizens an active part of social change. 

Utilizing Winter Break for Social Good: Winter Bootcamps on Communtiy Service

This winter recess, TribesforGOOD is offering a series of social impact projects specially designed for high-school students. 

We want you to develop:

  • Empathy (not sympathy)
  • Problem-solving skills
  • And a genuine- interesting resume for University Applications
  • Networking and Team working skills

As of 2021, TribesforGOOD has served a diverse group of students (500+) from across continents. 

Themes that you can choose from

  • Financial & Digital Literacy : Microfinance
  • Sustainability x Waste Management x Climate Change
  • Education – Peer Learning
  • Anti – Human Trafficking
Online Programs on Community Service
Currently accepting Registrations for Jan 15 Batch

Causes to work on: 

1. Financial & Digital Literacy : Microfinance

Name of the Campaign: Pucho-Seekho Sakhi 

Sustainable Development Goal: SDG 1, SDG 4, SDG5 & SDG8

Implementation Partner: Kshamata (Mumbai), PRATYeK (New Delhi)

Knowledge Partner: Svatah (Hyderabad)

As our Partner NGO- Svatah rightly calls it, “Financial Gyan” is a crucial part of developing a financially sustainable- sustainable generation. While financial literacy can be seen as the fruit of several other developmental goals, the true impact can only be achieved when one can successfully practice financial planning, budgeting, and management. The Pucho-Seekho Sakhi campaign by TribesforGOOD focuses on generating awareness around the same and thus upskilling communities with 21st century Financial-Digital tools. 

2. Sustainability x Waste Management x Climate Change

Name of the Campaign: Milk Bag Project 

Sustainable Development Goal: SDG13  

Implementation & Knowledge Partner: Har Ghar Hara Ghar, Clean Mumbai Foundation & Garbage Free India.

Milk bags contribute a huge percentage to our daily household plastic waste (nearly 1.5 crores of milk bags every day just in Mumbai!). Minor changes in our lifestyle and mass awareness can make sure that these bags don’t end up in landfills. The campaign focuses on a house-based initiative to collect the used plastic milk bags and send them to verified recycling centers. 

But, you might be wondering if a single household can generate enough waste to harm the environment? 

Just take a look at this simple math: Even if you use 2 packets daily, that’s 730 packets in a year! This means 5 households together create 3,650 packets minimum annually!

As students and active citizens, there are a few things that you can do to help in reducing plastic waste: Practice and Preach milk bag recycling. 

3. Education – Peer Learning

Name of the Campaign: I have a doubt

Sustainable Development Goal: SDG 1 & 4 (The campaign is intended to bridge the education-digital gap created by the pandemic and provide learning support to students from humble backgrounds)

Implementation Partner:PRATYeK (Delhi), Inqui-lab Foundation(Hyderabad, SrijanEkSoch (Uttar Pradesh & New Delhi), Upkram (Uttar Pradesh)

winter program on community service and volunteering online

As of 2020, women form less than a third (28.8 percent) of the global average of STEM workers (Ref: DailyO).

The “I have a Doubt” Campaign runs with a focus of inculcating curiosity about science subjects among students (particularly girls) so that they can access all possible opportunities in the future.

Changemakers not only mingle, teach and support the students from low-income households, but also create a sustainable impact by developing learning content in vernacular languages accessed by multiple remote communities through TribesforGOOD implementation partners.

4. Gender Justice: Anti – Human Trafficking

Name of the Campaign: Project Pancchi 

Sustainable Development Goal: SDG 5

Implementation Partner: PRATYeK (Delhi), Kshamata(Mumbai)

Knowledge Partner: Voice4Girls (Hyderabad)

According to UN Women, more girls left school during the pandemic and 65 percent of parents surveyed were reluctant to continue the education of girls and resorted to child marriages to save costs. Did you know that Child marriage is a violation of human rights and is a form of trafficking? 

Project Pancchi focuses on bringing attention to this issue and creating awareness by mobilizing young citizens. The campaign also focuses on supporting the survivors of Human Trafficking by providing them with the right tools and knowledge required to design their own future!

Take a look at what our Alumni student has to say about this project: 

“The moment I finished my part in conducting the awareness workshop, I felt a sense of relief and excitement knowing that I had actually done it! It gave me a lot more confidence to know that I am capable of creating a positive impact”. 

– Neyla Padaki (Grade 11, Canadian International School, Bangalore)

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