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Ruchi Saran

BA and Associate Degree | UC Berkeley

Tanmoy Ray

Ex-Oxford, UMCU, UNSW | MSc (Aston), B.Pharm (WBUT)

Ajay Singh

MBA Harvard, MS UT Austin, IIT Roorkee

Yuri Punj

MBA (HBS), BA (Colgate) | Ex UBS, JP Morgan, Schroders

Tamoghna Das

MSc Biochemical Engineering (UCL) | Ex IISc, Cambridge

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Puja Mathur

“My experience with Stoodnt has been highly positive. The biggest issue I was facing before starting the MS application process was narrowing down the universities and the insights provided by my counsellors greatly helped in clearing this confusion. The right guidance throughout the application process, which included shortlisting the colleges, proof reading my essays and constant encouragement, helped me secure great admits to universities such as CMU, Columbia University, University of Wisconsin and University of Maryland. I would highly recommend the services of Stoodnt to all future aspirants and I can’t thank the counsellors at Stoodnt enough (Mr. Ajay Singh and Team Stoodnt) for my awesome admits!”


Mohit Ahuja

“I received a lot of flexibility from Stoodnt. As I was working during the day, Tanmoy helped me by taking late-night calls. I remember I once had to reschedule the call at the last minute due to a family emergency. It was immediately rescheduled and there were no issues. I got extremely good feedback from Stoodnt on the universities that I researched and suggested – which were eventually added to the list. Additionally, the reasoning and logic behind building the personal statement were explained carefully. There was no hand-holding – only steering and guidance. Tanmoy would come back with revised drafts and we would debate openly about each point. Tanmoy also helped me reach out to a few professors to request for supervision on my potential MSc dissertation. This clarified a lot of things about the university, program, and professors.”


Mahasweta Mandal

“This is my second time working with Priyamvada. The first time around I got into London Business School for my Masters and second time around I will be going to Oxford for my MBA. It’s necessary to have the right guidance regarding applications, the correct amount of proofreading, and the attention to the timeline. I received all these from Education & You. It was like having a mentor in every step of the process. I ended up getting scholarships for my MBA too which wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the focused guidance I got from Priyamvada. Highly recommended for everyone who needs some structure to their application journey!”

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