Masters in Data Science & Data Analytics in Germany

Germany is one of the top destinations to study Data Science and Analytics. Data is changing the way we perceive our day-to-day lives in a consumer-driven world. Its application (and benefits), however, is not just confined to education and employment but it has a substantial impact on our routine activities. Big Data has essentially become ubiquitous in modern times.

Eligibility for Masters in Germany

Most universities offering Masters program in Data Science and/or Data Analytics require prospective students to have very good knowledge of mathematics and computer science.

Step-by-Step Application Process for MS in Germany

Top Universities for Data Science and Data Analytics in Germany

Arden University Berlin

Located at the heart of Berlin, Arden University offers courses in Data Analytics with multiple combinations.

MS Data Analytics & Marketing

CIM-accredited, this course ensures students learn efficient data engineering and interpretation. It can be availed either at the Berlin campus or online from anywhere across the globe.

MS Data Analytics & Information Systems Management

This course covers essential topics in Big Data along with management and leadership qualities.

GISMA Business School

Spread across several campuses, the GIMSA Business School at Berlin encompasses a hybrid learning model.

MS in Data Science, AI and Digital Business

This is a thesis oriented course which is a blend of fundamental Data Science (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning) and business competencies inclusive of ethics, behavior and decision making. it has several intakes and can be taken up either online or at Potsdam.

MSc Business Analytics

The salient features of this course are skills in data discovery, cyber security, statistics and data management. It has two intakes: summer and winter and is primarily on campus.

Jacobs University Bremen

It is a private, English-speaking campus university in Germany with exemplary standards in research and teaching and an interdisciplinary approach towards education.

MSC Data Science for Society and Business

It is a two-year program, structured for students of business and social sciences and health and environmental sciences with strong quantitative background.

University of Mannheim

The University of Mannheim holds a good rank in Germany and also globally when it comes to employability.

Master in Data Science

It is a two-year thesis-oriented degree program taught in English with dual intake. Being multidisciplinary in nature, this course incorporates the essence of big data across business informatics, sociology, political science and mathematics. Students also have the opportunity to attend courses offered by the Data and Web Science at the University of Mannheim. 

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

A public research university, LMU Munich is Germany’s sixth oldest university.

MSc Data Science

One of the first graduate programs in Data Science (in Germany) in English, this program is jointly structured and taught by the Department of Statistics and Institute of Informatics at LMU Munich. As eligibility to this program, students need to have a strong background in statistical science and data-based modelling and computer science and computational methods.

Technical University, Munich

Located across several campuses in Bavaria, TU Munich stands out in Europe in terms of innovation and entrepreneurship.

MSc. Mathematics and Data Science

It is a two-year course that requires a bachelors in mathematics or computer science. It comprises algorithms from statistics, machine learning and data representation.

MSc. Data Engineering and Analytics

Dealing with Big Data can be overwhelming, this program (taught in English) deals with three main areas of data analysis ,data engineering and analytics and data engineering.

University of Magdeburg

With state-of-art research and teaching, the University of Magdeburg is a flagship university offering practical-oriented education to its students.

MSc. Data and Knowledge Engineering

Students gain knowledge on the theoretical aspects and application of machine learning, predictive analysis and algorithms for data representation, information and knowledge. It includes both practical exercises and project work, which enables students to choose from a wide array of career prospects. It is taught in German and English.

Freie University

Founded in 1948 in Berlin, it holds outstanding international reputation and currently is one of the eleven universities of excellence in Germany.

MSc. Data Science

Prospective students require a solid background in mathematics, particularly in algebra, probability theory and statistics and computer science/programming (C/C++, Java, Python).

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