Top Universities for Automobile Engineering in Germany

Germany is one of the pioneers in the field of engineering studies. Engineering schools in Germany have consistently been ranked as top-notch in automobile/automobile for obvious reasons. It is home to the biggest automobile companies like Mercedes, Volkswagen. Audi, Porsche, and BMW. It holds a long tradition of designing the best vehicles of all time. This blog covers the top courses and universities for automotive/automobile engineering in Germany.

Why study Automobile Engineering in Germany?

  • Because it is Engineering and Germany is the most popular destination for international students because of its higher standards of education
  • Extremely good career prospects: one would (probably) not find any unemployed engineer
  • Thousands of internship opportunities while pursuing Masters; collaborative approach: exposure to industry
  • Already mentioned, it hosts the top automobile companies
  • Globally recognized degree
  • Residence Permit valid up to 18 months post completion of studies for job hunt

Why study Automobile Engineering ?

Because creativity and design are irreplaceable innate skills, and when combined with that of acquired core engineering can be the most fascinating combination on earth!

Top Universities for Automobile Engineering in Germany

Engineering courses are taught at both Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences. Here is a list of the top institutions to pursue automotive/automobile engineering:

Top Courses for Automobile Engineering

Masters courses in Germany are 1.5-2 years long in duration. Some courses are taught in German, so international students must ensure they have a certain level of German Proficiency. One good alternative is to apply for a preparatory language course before the commencement of Masters.

Step-by-Step Application Process for MS in Germany

Winter 2022 Deadlines for Masters in Germany

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