All You Need to Know about Transfer Acceptance Rates

Transfer admission means when a student decides to move from one college to another college for the same degree program. It could be undergraduate studies or graduate studies. A student had started his/her studies at one university but due for some reason is interested in applying to another university. So, how easy or hard is it to transfer to a college in the US? In this post, we will walk you through the transfer acceptance rates in the US.

Transfer Acceptance Rates

Co-authored by Jaya Ghosh and Maitrayan Bera

Advantages of Transfer Admissions

The crucial part of transferring to a US college or university in the 2nd year (or 3rd year) is that it gives you an opportunity to attend your dream college just in case you missed the opportunity in the first year.

There is an opportunity to show your performance to the university on the coursework. You have sufficient time to build your profile and make a strong resume for the application, via grades or additional work you may have done.

Finally, the pool of applicants is smaller for transfer students so it is easier for admission officers to find the unique application for competitive colleges.

The US education system is very flexible and accommodating. Students are allowed to pick their subjects and learn at their own pace. They believe that transfer students add diversity to their system.

The Procedure of Transfer Admissions

As a transfer student, you need to first meticulously choose your course in your present institution and do extremely well to earn high grades. Your strong academic performance is proof that you can handle rigor and stress.

Next, your personal rapport with your professors is important in order to enable you to get a strong recommendation. Your extracurricular activities also are an added advantage. Colleges look for students who can balance coursework with other activities as well.

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Reasons for Transferring

Students transfer for various reasons –

  • Usually due to a lack of funds students are compelled to join community colleges as they could not get admission to their dream colleges.
  • Some take transfer because they don’t like the curriculum or weather or because they want to stay close by to their families. Also for the reason because their boyfriend/girlfriend lives in a different town.
  • Many transfers in order to be in a better system or because they find their present University very competitive and demanding.

Many countries are strict/rigid in accepting transfer students. In Canada, some top universities do accept transfer students but they want them to start all over as fresher. In the US, however, different universities have different rules for international transfer students.

Now, we will move on to the main agenda of this article – transfer acceptance rates.

Transfer Acceptance Rates of Top 50 Universities in USA

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Best Schools with Highest Transfer Acceptance Rates

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Most Selective Schools with Higher Transfer Acceptance Rates than Freshmen

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Colleges with the Lowest Transfer Acceptance Rates

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